Seamless Integration of ESSL Biometric Device with Zoho People at Techspence Pvt Ltd.


Techspence Private Limited (TPL) is an Indian Private Limited Company officially established in India on 30 May 2017. It holds the classification of a non-government company and is enlisted with the registrar of companies. Its operations encompass a broad spectrum of miscellaneous business activities.

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Project Overview:


Our challenge revolved around achieving a seamless and efficient integration of the ESSL Biometric device provided by the company with the Zoho People platform. The ultimate goal was to guarantee a highly secure, real-time, and effortless attendance tracking experience for the company.

Our Solution

Identification of Requirements:

Febno’s team collaborated with Techspence to understand their specific requirements, including the need for real-time attendance tracking, user-friendly interface, and integration with Zoho People.

Restoring ESSL Attendance Biometric Device Integration in Database:

Our team successfully integrated ESSL attendance biometric devices, which employ fingerprint recognition to accurately capture employee attendance. This data is securely recorded in real-time to the device database.

Zoho People Integration:

Febno seamlessly integrated the ESSL attendance biometric devices database with Zoho People’s robust HR management software. This integration ensured that attendance data captured by the biometric device database was directly transmitted and synchronized with Zoho People.

Automation and Real-time Tracking:

The integration allowed for automatic attendance tracking in real-time. As employees scanned their fingerprints using the ESSL devices, the attendance data was instantly updated in Zoho People, providing accurate and up-to-date attendance records.

User Training and Support:

Febno provided comprehensive training to Techspence’s HR team and employees on how to effectively use the integrated system. They also offered ongoing technical support to address any queries or concerns.


The Result

The integration of ESSL attendance biometric devices with Zoho People by Febno Technologies has revolutionized attendance tracking. It’s a highly efficient and automated system to reduce errors and manual efforts. Real-time updates empower HR team and management with current attendance data, boosting productivity and simplifying attendance management. Notably, the integration enhances security and curbs attendance fraud due to use of ESSL biometric devices. Febno Technologies has showcased its expertise by delivering a comprehensive attendance tracking system, promising accuracy, efficiency, and security for Techspence Private Limited.