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Kubernetes or K8 is an open-source Production Grade Container Orchestration platform for automating, scaling and managing the processes in applications. It is cost-effective and runs on most of the cloud hosting services. The platform allows you to transfer workloads on-premises, hybrid and public cloud infrastructure with ease. It has the latest load balancing capabilities of web traffic routing to the operational web servers. The main benefit of implementing Kubernetes is if you are optimizing app development for the cloud, it helps to provide a framework for scheduling and running containers on physical or virtual machine clusters. It has huge and rapidly growing ecosystem.


Production-grade container orchestration

Automated container deployment, scaling and management

Febno Technologies helps in implementing the Kubernetes solution in your organization to control and automate the deployment process. It enables to operate many Virtual Machines (VMs) on the CPU of a single physical server. Its probability, flexibility, and enhanced productivity attracts customers.


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