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Odoo Integration

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Odoo Integration

A good centralized enterprise solution means integration between other enterprise solutions for seamless operation.

Odoo ERP is versatile and flexible and can be easily integrated with other platforms for better business performance. The functionality of Odoo can be increased by integrating other systems using API libraries and web services, and also by using SDK to integrate with devices.

Febno experts provide comprehensive tools to carry out business integrations and also integrate your business application with modern technologies whether on-premise or on the cloud with your legacy systems.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Social Media Integration

SMS Gateway Inetgration

E-commerce Platform Integration

Logistics Platform Integration

API, EDI & SDK Integrations

Call Center Integration

IoT Integrations

Cloud Integrations



ERP implementation can get expensive. To tackle this, Odoo has the functionality to integrate with the legacy solution already in use with the organization to cut the cost of the project. Odoo’s integration with other apps offers faster, smarter, and more seamless business transactions.

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