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Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is a collection of all the essential machinery on your company’s premises, including computers, on-premise servers, and other physical or virtual machines. It is beneficial for organizations as it reduces the cost related to the purchase and maintenance of hardware equipment. All necessary services like server hosting, storage, and applications are provided by the IaaS service provider. OpenStack is one of the most popular open-source IaaS platforms for building virtual private servers in data centers. The important benefit of using the OpenStack Iaas platform in organizations is that it aids in developing their own cloud services within their existing on-premise infrastructure. This platform helps in the operations of key functions like data storage, networking, security/authentication, automating, and development.




In the Iaas service model, a company outsources the equipment used to support storage, hardware, servers, and networking components. OpenStack enables organizations to deploy cloud services within their own data centers. Febno Technologies aids and supports in implementing the OpenStack Iass platform in your organization and provides updated services to reduce cost and increase productivity.


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