Implement Yeaster P560 PBX with
call center enterprise solution




Industry Product Supply Chain

My Desert Springs Pure Drinking Water, also known as MDS, is one of the oldest companies in Dubai In the industry of water purification, filling and distribution of 5 gallon water bottles. With its purification and filling plant strategically located in Dubai, they serve their customers in the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.”

It is one of the top water purifying companies in UAE which provides industry standard purifying techniques along with good quality equipments. They offer free delivery to customers and enhances customer satisfaction to a greater extend

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Restricted call retrieval from Hotline number of PANASONIC 824 PBX drop the water supply from its peak with poor customer service.

“My Desert Spring Water” failed to deal their customers properly at the time of their business hike due to the inefficient call management system lead to loss in business. They knew it was time to reimagine the underlying technology capabilities and position the organization to continue to offer the best possible service to its customers, requiring an upgrade to both the legacy infrastructure and its management approach admissions.


IP PBX Solutions


Deploy Yeastar P560 PBX that brings full Telephony control


Febno implement Yeaster P560 PBX with call center enterprise solution

Yeaster P560 PBX offers excellent unified communication services and full telephony features everything that needed for “My Desert Spring Water” 


Intelligent Queue system increase operational efficiency and service quality by announcing Queue positions in each intervals there by shortening queues and reducing customer wait times
Auto call backup system for customers helps to strengthen customer relationship and provide better service
Inbound call center dashboard availability analyze queued customers and ensures faster reply there by optimize the performance
Call history can be retrieved by supervisors for service quality improvement and SLA functionality
Integrating with existing CRM gives compléte picture of business and customers
Live snooping, call barging and call whispering features to monitor performance, training new or struggling agents and Intervening to provide better service
SIP trunk line usage rather than analog trunk makes better call routing flexibility and Queue management


Our solution with call center enterprise subscription enhances cllent confidence, increases advertising opportunities, and reduces call waiting times – all crucial factors for any business or non-profit. The result is a more flexible technology and business organization, with much greater transparency around operating costs. “My Desert Spring Water” is now in a position of strength and able to work with multiple vendors to boost customer service