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Chromebooks for students provide a simple solution for quick, intuitive, and easy-to-manage solutions to face the challenges of the digital classroom. They offer all the benefits of computers for teaching and learning without any distractions. Chromebooks are widely used in schools to improve students’ ability to learn at any time and, from any location. They are inexpensive, secure, easy to use, and facilitate collaboration.


Start transforming your school with Chromebooks

Febno Technologies provides technical support in enhancing the Chromebooks for students. It simplifies the everyday learning process and helps to increase productivity. Chromebooks lower your software costs and encourage collaboration. It assists in collecting, sharing, and analyzing data along with increasing the creativity of the students.


Learn from anywhere

It is easy for the students to access, apps settings, and other information from anywhere using any device. These digital platforms prepare the students to hone their digital skills by involving in collaborative projects

Easy to use

Deploy and manage simply

Using the Chrome partner ecosystem, it is easy to distribute 1 or 100 devices. It is effortless to manage thousands of devices and set 200+ policies and commands. From a central Google AdWords account, you can add people, devices, printers, and internet access.


ACCESSIBLE for all learners

Admin Console allows you to manage hundreds of thousands of devices centrally. The flexible factors are accessible for all learners and suit different budgets and needs. The shareable devices are easily used across multiple classrooms and students.


Get the latest updates

Every six weeks, background updates install the most recent security and functionality. Every device has two versions of Chrome OS. You can sandbox identities, user profiles, and OS itself. There are layers of data encryption and verified security checks on boot up

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