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Odoo is a business management software to manage all the operations of an enterprise on a single platform. Like other ERP solutions, successful deployment of ERP requires adequate planning. Thus, it is necessary to take the assistance of Odoo consultants to assess, analyze, and understand the business process for the design, development, customization, and implementation of Odoo ERP to support the company operations.

Functional or Business Consultant

Business management consultants specialize in analyzing the enterprise's existing processes. They determine your opportunities for improvement and most costly pain points and make recommendations with your business goals in mind. They develop the required business process documentation for the ERP solution development.

Technical Consultant

Slightly different from an ERP functional consultant is a technical consultant. They work closely with a business consultant to understand the client requirement to design the technical specification for the delivery of ERP solutions, implementing software solutions, enhancing the systems, and resolving any issue in the system. They are also responsible for defining and implementing the solution architecture.

ERP Consultant Responsibilities

ERP consultants must conduct research and propose solutions to improve a company's productivity using best practices. Their responsibilities include:
● Working with ERP Software.
● Documenting the state of ERP
● Analyzing and understanding existing software.
● Assisting the technical team with change management and technical skills.
● Advising companies with the selection.
● Redesigning the business processes by adopting ERP.
● Helping clients to deploy and start up the ERP operation.



Implementing an ERP solution requires proper planning and knowledge of the solution for a successful digital transformation. Odoo consultants assist in increasing the efficiency of the software, reducing the complexity of the implementation process for the smooth running of any business.


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