Peace Public school uses Google for Education to transform learning into its Next Level:

Peace public School is mainly focused on guaranteeing that each student from academies can one day take participate in local, regional and national economies, helping them to build up the aptitudes and certainty to make a valuable commitment to the world. As a part of this, the utilization of technology is essential in guaranteeing maximum educational opportunities. The Trust was held back from exploring the maximum capacity of technology for learning as specialized setups changed wildly over the various foundations. Without a system, it was hard to make production processes and streamlined planning structures. This implied every institute worked in a silo, both from an administrative and knowledge sharing perspective.
A few years back Peace school management understood that the staff and students are not that familiar with computers and their technologies.
The management also realized they required an arrangement to make technology more central to their educational strategy, yet worries about expenses just as potential opposition from guardians and educators introduced genuine obstacles.
After broad research, Principal and the school Management set out on an arrangement that would change their way to deal with the teaching method, the educational programs, and the school’s level of engagement with technology. As a feature of that arrangement, the Management presented Google for Education and it’s cost-effective, reliable, and safe solution, With the help of Google official partner Febno Technologies.

Reaching out to teachers
Before implementing this, they needed to get a good understanding of competency, confidence, and barriers for teachers to engage with technology. With the Support of Febno Technologies, The management and team organized two days Workshop on Google for Education for the Teaching and non-teaching staff in Peace School.
Along with the workshop a survey was conducted across teaching and non-teaching staff to assess their knowledge of and confidence with technology. The outcomes incorporated an expansive range of reactions, which informed the professional development (PD) plan, enabling them to recognize ‘early adopters’ just as the individuals who might work better with increasingly customized help.
The management made sure that staff activity is all done through the G-suite tools. Re-engineering staff meetings to build the ability and limit of staff individuals by having them connect with G Suite and Chromebooks normally was likewise a key segment to the program. Gradually, they saw all levels of peace School staff increase their confidence and competence working with Technologies and all of the G Suite applications.
Winning over parents
School Management spent a lot of time talking to parents. Showing them technology works. How parents could review their child’s blogs, assignments, and homework. How Google For Education could help improve students’ education and keep parents well informed about their child’s progress. After so many meetings, parents were excited to see how Google for Education helps the children in their performance with the technologies.

Building out the infrastructure
Guaranteeing the school’s network would support the addition of hundreds of new devices, WIFI was installed across campus. Choosing the Google for Education allowed the school to pre-install the apps they wanted—and block the ones they didn’t want. They could control who used Chromebooks, disable lost or stolen Chromebooks, blacklist sites, and easily add and remove student users. On this element of their plan, With Febno’s support school management is able to ensure the safest possible deployment of devices onsite and easy management of them. Teachers can see what students are accessing.

The benefits of turning into a Google for Education in school are numerous, yet the absolute most significant ones include the capacity for staff and students to approach their email and records at home and at school. This, in theory, could dispose of flash drives, mislaid work, and so forth. It’s a great tool that enhances communication between staff and students. It provides instant and reliable data back up to the cloud.

With all students of the school gaining access to technology, teachers began seeing immediate benefits in their ability to provide personalized instruction.

Now, students are finding many ways to bring education to life with a range of digital tools. With the helpful support from Febno Technologies, Peace school management did extensive research, collecting and refining our discoveries in Google Docs and Google Slides, as well as saving and sharing them on Google Drive. School’s advanced change, Students are benefiting by a way to deal with encouraging that qualities customized learning.

This methodology is allowing students the chance to grow new skills, and it’s giving teachers the space to tailor educational programs like never students’ specific interests.

Management says, “It’s our duty to prepare students to survive in the 21st century.” Since the rollout of their digital transformation program, Peace School has seen student performance increase significantly. 90% of students in year 8 are all above the national standard for reading, writing, and maths. Students with special needs have also improved in overall engagement and making progress with the curriculum. Today, peace School’s students are using technology to create, instead of consuming and to pursue academic excellence.

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