Meet Odoo 13.2 Accounting, More Powerful!

Odoo 13.2, a result of quality

Odoo to declare the release of Odoo 13.2, the most mature and elaborated version to date. You all know that, at Odoo, they try to be regularly up to date regarding the expectations and wants of our customers in terms of business management.

That’s why all employees have been deeply involved in providing you with the best and most sophisticated applications of all time. They can confidently say that Odoo 13.2 is the software you have dreamed of for your business needs.

What’s new in Accounting? 

I don’t know if this is the new bank reconciliation feature, the possibility to manage batch payments, the ease with which you can create depreciation reports with the import feature, the improvement of all they layout and view, the clarity of our filters, the general improvement of the user experience, the interconnection with other modules and applications, the possibility to track payment status, the new refactoring process, the safer rounding factor or the improvement of the general usability, that makes Accounting even more efficient? Oh wait … Yes, that’s all of that!   

Website, more impressive

Website combines everything you need to create, edit and manage your own website. The interface is cleaner with more visual insights. In fact, there is so much to say about all these new features… They are all amazing! So I will do my best to summarize some of them.

Let’s begin with the improvement of the left panel and its associated options. There are check-boxes, the anchor system has been reviewed, the background-size and position for snippets have been configured in a modal, there are now visual insights for invisible elements and options (Facebook snippet), a slide counter has been added in the carousel snippets options menu and finally, there are new possibilities for the form. How cool is that?!

After that, let’s talk about the possibility to create, edit, manage and switch themes. The theme preview is now full screen in the same tab and with a mobile switch, the default theme is empty and let your creativity runs free, themes are switchable from the customized dialog box, there are global snippets and no more specific ones, and finally, all the theme options of the website builder now appear in the third panel of the left panel. Everything is interconnected! 

e-Learning, more practical

Odoo e Learning combines everything you need to manage your courses, certifications, quizzes, etc. With all they new calls to action, you will have the possibility to see all courses, badges or certifications on the user profile.

Are you proud of your results? Great! Users can now share certifications on social media. Do you want to follow the progress of your attendees? Cool! With Odoo e Learning, you can check, rank and track the evolution of your users by week, month or year. Finally, if you have a suggestion, you can comment any answers on a quiz. With a beautiful and easy-to-use interface for users and managers, Odoo e Learning is the perfect Learning Management System (LMS) for you!

Manufacturing, more resourceful

Now, the icing on the cake, our Manufacturing app is brand new with lots of new features. First, we have improved the layout and usability of batch transfers. This is available and linked to our Barcode app. Another thing that is related to our Barcode app is the management of subcontract receipts with tracked components and finished products. Then, we broadened the scope of flexible consumption, allowing updates to confirm MOs and consume components that weren’t part of the initial BOM and WOs. Not to mention the setting up of alerts on transfers and MOs to help rescheduling, the ease of WOs planning visibility and finally, the possibility to post an inventory on a MO under the same condition as marked as done. Last but not least, it is now possible to define the same quality control for several products. How convenient is that?!