WaslaSoft, the best e-invoicing online accounting software

Electronic Invoicing has become mandatory in Saudi Arabia. The Zakat, Tax and customs authority (ZATCA) has announced the finalized e-invoicing legislation, which includes technical specifications and procedures regarding mandatory e-invoicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These e-invoices are applicable for B2B, and B2C transactions, with two phases of implementation. Saudi Arabia makes e-invoicing mandatory for all taxpayers of the country. The use of online accounting software became a new normal to create e-invoices with ZATCA QR Code provision. 

Benefits of e-invoicing online accounting software 

The implementation of E-invoicing has many benefits for both persons and the national economy. It will help to improve the business ecosystem, reduce hidden economy transactions and commercial concealment, enrich the customer experience, and improve compliance with tax obligations through enhanced verification of business transactions. 

Implementation of e-invoicing has two main phases.  

Phase 1(Generation) 

Persons subject to the E-Invoicing Regulations must generate Electronic Invoices under the clauses set forth by The Zakat, Tax and customs authority (ZATCA). It has come into force from 4th December 2021. 

Phase 2 (Integration) 

Persons subject to the E-Invoicing process must link their systems with the Authority’s system in line with the provisions of the Resolution on Controls, Requirements, and Technical Standards. The integration phase will be implemented from 1st January 2023. 

How will you be affected?  

With the advent of fiscal reforms in the region, businesses will have to adapt their operations to comply with new regulations. The implementation of online accounting software has the below advantages 

  1. Tax included in invoices  
  2. Maintenance of records for up to 5 years  
  3. Returns filing  
  4. Transparency in documentation  
  5. Reduces delay in payment  
  6. Work efficiently and securely  

Febno’s WaslaSoft is a well-designed online accounting software developed to fulfill ZATCA’s e-invoicing requirements. It is an all-in-one accounting solution tailored to equip your business for ZATCA Generation Phase. WaslaSoft is a hassle-free VAT-enabled cloud accounting e-invoicing software with seamless features in compliance with regulations. 

waslasoft e-invoicing

Supports ZATCA regulations with QR Code provision  

Febno technologies offers suitable solutions to integrate your ERP by complying with ZATCA’s e-invoicing requirements. WaslaSoft, the online accounting software has the following features  

  • B2B and B2C invoice generation  
  • Invoices in English and Arabic with Integrated QR code  
  • Easy migration  
  • Easy integrations  
  • Secured with data backup  
  • Anywhere, any device access with the cloud-hosted solution  

Are you still confused about how to integrate e-invoicing with your ERP? Feel free to connect us.  

WaslaSoft is the online accounting software that helps to generate e-invoices in the required format and creates and sends the e-invoices to the tax authority. We have Retail and Restaurant POS software applications to run your business smoothly.  

The Retail POS software consists of features like Employee Management, Customer database, Purchase orders, Inventory management, Finance management, and Analytical reports. The Restaurant POS software application has the features to Configure floor layout, Book Orders (Dine-in and takeaway), Inventory management, Financial Management, and Manage business reports.  

Why Febno’s WaslaSoft?  

We specialize in developing tailor-made software solutions based on your business requirements. Our hassle-free e-invoicing online accounting software not only fulfills the regulations of ZATCA and provides QR code but also reduces the workload and helps to work efficiently. Our technical experts guide and help you in each stage of WaslaSoft implementation.