Odoo – The Most In-Demand ERP Software solution

Odoo is the most in-demand open-source enterprise resource management software, developed to combine all the business processes. It assists the customers to run their businesses smoothly. Its customer friendly features attract consumers, and it could be customized even according to individual needs. We have listed the main modules and the reasons why Febno Technologies is an expert on providing the services of Odoo.  

Febno Technologies provides installation, implementation, and customization services of Odoo ERP as per customer requirements in the Middle East and India. . Our expert team at Febno Technologies assesses, analyzes your business requirements, and implements cost-effective and flexible Odoo ERP solutions for your business. We are specialized in implementing the following modules of Odoo.  

  1.  Point of Sale (POS) 
  2. Sales  
  3. CRM 
  4. Inventory management 
  5. Purchase  
  6. Warehouse management   
  7. HR and Payroll  
  8. Accounts 
  9. Project Management 
  10. Manufacturing 
  11. Rental management 
  12. E-commerce 

 1Point of sale (POS)

The Point-of-Sale module makes electronic payment faster, convenient, and safe. It is user-friendly and easily set up in minutes. You can open new stores and make use of POS anytime and anywhere in the world. Our Odoo team at Febno guides you and helps you to implement the best solution for your business. 

 2.  Sales 

Sale is an integral part of any business. The features that come under the sales module are simplified pricelists, contracts, manage invoicing from sales orders, dashboard, sales order, expiry date, invoice tracking, create quotations, multi-company rules, and incoterms. Sales modules assist in order and contract sorting, great prices for great revenue, create easy quotation software, and quotes online to proposal signature. Odoo platform boosts business and introduces new ways of selling products.  

3. Customer Relation Management 

CRM module is customer-oriented and helps to track leads, close opportunities, and provides exact forecasts. The customers can get all the information on one platform.  As marketing is an intrinsic part of every business, it is difficult to continue the business without new marketing channels.  Odoo ERP CRM management module improves sales and provides easy access to customer requirements. 

4.  Inventory Management 

Odoo’s inventory management module is significant in handling the inventory section of any business. It tracks incoming and outgoing inventory and manages the possibility of overstock. Odoo inventory management software has specific features like Freight Carrier Integration and Consignee Stock Management. Inventory valuation, inventory forecast, product types, traceability, replenishments, and advanced routing are some of the other features. 

5. Purchase 

The Purchase management module is clean and fast. It automates purchase workflow and provides supplier pricelists and product availability. It manages multi-company rules and gives clear statistics on every purchase. some of the other features like requests for quotations, manage orders, manage invoicing, inventory analyzation and forecasting help the business to grow fast.  

6. Warehouse Management 

Warehouse management is an integral part of any manufacturing industry. This module automates the warehouse activities and provides traceability of the operations. The Warehouse management module of Odoo eases the work of a warehouse and provides the update of every activity of a warehouse. 

7. HR and Payroll 

You can easily manage your company’s payroll by using the HR and Payroll module. Recruitment, appraisals, attendances, training, fleet management, Split Apps, Employees’ monthly presence, Appraisals, Employees leave summary, Expenses, Dashboards are the activities easily done using the HRM module. It eases the works of an employer and gives easy access to check the employee summary at the fingertips. 

8. Accounting 

Accounting is the unavoidable part of any business. With the introduction of the Odoo accounting module, you can access your financial transactions from anywhere in the world. It enables businesses to maintain and automate the financial aspects of the business. Accounting, generating reports, perpetual fiscal year closing, better reconciliation, simplified configuration, analytic accounting, recurring invoice, reporting, customer portal, and revenue recognition are the most focused features of this module. 

9. Project Management 

Project management is the core area of any business. Based on the requirements of the customer Odoo ERP solution helps to Customize the operations of a project. It provides a modern interface to forecast needs and resources in Gantt diagrams, uses the power of visualization, discusses tasks, and shares documents, delivers a project scope with an easy-to-read overview. Some of the features of the project management module include Customized pipeline, Service Rating, Automatic project email address, Create tasks, Portal front-end, and Miscellaneous.  

10.  Manufacturing 

Manufacturing is reinvented with the introduction of the Odoo manufacturing module. From optimizing your inventory level to delivering barcode out of the box it has a huge demand in the manufacturing sector. It has great reporting and KPIs features to run the business smoothly. The manufacturing module includes features like managing orders, schedule & plan, flexible master data, quality, maintenance, work center control panel, reporting, and product life cycle management. 

11. Rental Management 

Odoo’s rental management module creates rental order, schedule, deliver, return, and invoice the activities in a single view. The new market of rental of goods and services has wider acceptance. Property management is another part of a growing industry. Odoo’s rental management module provides ideas about property, and gives information about the rental processes too. 

12. E-commerce 

Ecommerce apps are essential in this new technological world. Odoo, with its limitless features, attracts customers often. As e-commerce apps offer a visual treat to the customers, it is easy to connect them with pictures and words. Ecommerce apps assist to sell digital products and its features like integration with amazon and e bay, new customer portal, order review, skip shipping address, payment provider, and product stock are remarkable.  

The expert team of Odoo at Febno Technologies assist you to implement Odoo ERP solution for your business. They suggest you the techniques to improve your business to the unexpected levels with the execution of Odoo ERP software. Travel with Febno and achieve digital transformation.