Manage HR operations with Odoo’s HRM module

Human Resource is an integral part of every business. Odoo’s HRM Module helps to function human resource activities of an organization effectively. Odoo became a comprehensive solution for all HR needs. It manages the functions like employee records, payroll, employee relationships, appraisals, expenses, gamification, recruitment, etc. With the implementation of Odoo’s HRM module efficient and exact reports are formed and manual work is decreased.

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We have listed the key features of the Odoo HRM module.

  1. Employee Management

We can compile all the details of employees of an organization in one place. It helps you to manage all the human resource operations of an organization. A single click will provide you an employee profile in a second. The HRM module in Odoo creates and manages employee profiles, timesheets, leaves, contracts, handle attendance, dashboards, etc. Information about each employee is gathered and stored in one place.

  1. Expense Management

Expense management becomes simple and easy with the implementation of Odoo’s HRM module. Managers have a variety of setting options where they can check the expenses of each project as well as the expenses on each employee. Once the manager approves the expenses, Odoo accounting updates them automatically. Thus, expense management becomes a simple and easily accessible one.

  1. Skill Management

For the overall development of an employee, it is necessary to analyze the skills and abilities of an employee. Odoo’s HRM module helps to list out the skill sets of each employee of an organization. By assessing the skills of an employee, it is easy to train and channelize them with respective training. The employee portal will provide the details of the skill sets of an employee in a single click.

  1. Manage Timesheet, Payroll, and appraisals

Employees’ work hours can be recorded in the timesheet of Odoo HRM module. Weekly and monthly timesheets will help to check the time spent by an employee on projects. Holidays and leaves could be easily managed and easy to keep track of your employees’ presence at work. The hectic work of managing employee’s salaries will become hassle-free with the implementation of the Odoo HRM module. Salary could be easily calculated with the exact working hours and pay slips could be easily generated. Regular evaluation of employees helps to improve themselves and appraisals could be easily done.

  1. Recruitment

The hiring process is made simple with the implementation of Odoo’s HRM module. From sourcing to the employee joining, each stage of recruitment is made effortless and precise. We can track the progress of the recruitment process and easily build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents. You can customize your recruitment process and get accurate statistics on the recruitment pipeline.

Odoo’s HRM module helps to manage all the human resource operations efficiently and effectively. Every activity of employee is easily tracked, assessed, and checked. Febno Technologies assists you in the successful implementation of Odoo’s s HRM module. A team Odoo expert will evaluate your business and suggest suitable solutions to enhance your business. Travel with Febno and be a part of digital transformation.