How To Choose A Payment Gateway?

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is the best and simplest option for a merchant to collect payments digitally from their website itself. Payment Gateways plays a vital role between merchant and customer for an easy transaction process. Usage of payment gateways is rapidly getting increased from past years. Merchants always have a question mark, How to choose a payment gateway?. Banks directly act as a payment gateway or you can choose another payment service provider for your authorized payments.

Traditionally, before the 90s, payments were only possible via banks. But in the late 90s, a third party played in between them. Now, most of the online shoppers,- eCommerce platforms efficiently use this third party as their payment gateway.

It helps the eCommerce platform for easy payments. Many providers give a user-friendly user interface for avoiding trouble and confusion during their payments. A payment gateway allows only authorized payments using cards, digital wallets, UPI and more. And the customer’s money securely reaches the merchant’s account.

Best 6 Payment Gateways in UAE

1. Telr

Known as Innovative Payments one of the best payment gateways in UAE. Now, they expanded worldwide to around 120 countries. They are part of eCommerce websites of e-government, consumer goods, food delivery and many other platforms including taxi applications. Telr pricing listing falls under the category of Entry, Small and Medium with AED 349, AED 149 and AED 99 per month respectively.

2. CashU

Established in 2002 by as a safe and secure online payment method. Customers can combine more than one payment option for a single transaction. CashU allows anytime merchants to transfer collected amounts to their account.

3. PayFort / Amazon Payment Service

PayFort is now Amazon Payment Services. Most popularly used payment gateway in UAE. They have tailor-made fraud tools to protect your payment from fraudulent. They also generate payment links for merchants for easy payments. Thus, they can share via SMS or emails. Amazon Payment Services expanded its services for 8 countries, from different sectors ranging from Airlines to Ecommerce to Education to Insurance to Entertainments.

4. CCAvenue

CCAvenue launched in India but became the most popular payment gateway in UAE. They support maximum payment options such as Cards, Net Banking, Easy Payment Plan, Reward Payments. Payments accept from different channels inclusive of Websites, Mobile, In-App, Social Networks, Email/SMS and Offline payments-QR code. The entire payment process is protected by FRISK. You can choose your price from their price plan without any setup fees. Customization is also available.

5. CyberSource

Cybersource was established in 1994, in 2010 CyberSource became Visa solutions. Now, expanded to the US, Asia, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East and Africa.CyberSource accepts international payments. They accept payments by different channels such as Online- Debit, Charge, Credit Cards,eChecks, Digital Wallets – Apple Pay, PayPal, GPay and Visa SRC etc. In-Person, Contact Center and Unified Commerce. Merchants can examine their transaction data from the previous six months, this provides a complete picture of sales and settlements.

6. Paytabs

PayTabs established in 2014, a highly recommended online payment gateway in UAE.PayTabs online gateway is affordable and manageable for your startup, web stores, eCommerce venture and enterprise businesses. They have three plans-Startup Plan, Growth Plan and Enterprise Plan. Based on your range of business you can select the perfect plan. Payments accepted from different channels like American Express, MasterCard, Visa, mada, SADAD, STC Pay, OmanNet and more.PayTabs is PCI DSS compliant and has a secure service layer and fraud protection system. You can sell your product using social media and get paid via PayLinks.


There are numerous payment gateway services available in UAE with or without advantages and disadvantages. You can choose your best from the listing given above. OneThing keeps in mind, always choose the right plan based on your business. You can use Basic, Medium, Enterprise or Customized plans for your eCommerce, Education and Insurance etc payments. For choosing the right one and avoiding trouble and confusions you can consult Febno Technologies. We are the fastest growing innovative IT solution for the past 10 years. We have played a vital role in the sectors of IT, Education and E-commerce for the past 10 years.

Feel free to contact and we help you to choose the right one which doesn’t lead to hassle to your business.