Efficient ways to increase sales using Odoo14 CRM

Regardless of  What Industry, what your focus is, What kind of business you are running,whatever  the main task is to increase sales and  the business. Generally the sales rate is based  on customer satisfaction and customer relationship management(CRM).  Your clients are the main  pillars of the organization that help you grow.Thus ,good customer relationship management is  very important. Through  this blog   you will understand how Odoo14 CRM can help the business and increase  sales.

1. Sales Pipeline Management

The sales pipeline is the visualized representation of all your sales activities which helps to track  all sales-related tasks of each user. Tracing of sales activities will efficiently  help to create the best business plan for the future operations and the growth of the business.  Definitely the sales pipeline helps to control and observe the different stages of customer-related activities.

2. Quotation Management

In quotation management, all quotations generated to a specific company or multiple companies from the system can be viewed in a listed format. This helps to track the particular  quotations and their  status.

3. Make sure  the best customer management system and know your customer

This main feature of Odoo CRM helps your team to manage the customers in a much better way,  this  can  get the list of the customers, choose the customer details,  all sales deals, quotations and even the messages sent and received from the customer can be tracked. As an organisation,you may have a huge number of customers, but all of them are not really engaging in constant transactions, We can use the available CRM data to interact with the customers in frequent automated notification or emails.  Through this, we can generate more business opportunities. 

4. Generate and manage leads efficiently 

 A Lead is any kind of  interaction with the customer that could be converted into a business opportunity..Identify the leads  and  set priorities based on the leads, then assign these leads to the teams and clearly keep a tracking on each leads based on assigned team members. This  strategy may help to convert the leads to opportunities.

5. Support for managing sales teams

Sales teams and their efforts bring success to  a company.With the  help of  Odoo CRM the Management can quickly track the performance of each user or a sales team and you can also trace all the activities of a particular user in the activity log of a particular lead. 

6. Helps to list lost reasons

Lost reasons  help us to find out why a lead/opportunity  was lost. This  feature will help to improve the  lead management.

7. Prepare reports

Odoo CRM  supports the preparation of the reports on activity, partnership, and pipeline.

8.Introduce discounts

Introduce special discounts, rewards, special membership to manage loyalty in business. 

Odoo CRM Benefits

  1.  Cost effective implementation. 
  2.   Simple User Interface.
  3.  Easy Understandable.
  4.  Supports mass mailing.
  5.   Reduced Data Entry.
  6.   Organize contact data.
  7. License free
  8.  Priorities the Leads.
  9.  Good Customer Satisfaction.
  10.  Able to access the system even if you are outside the organisation.
  11.  Odoo CRM is compatible with Mobile
  12.  Multi contacts management.
  13.  Better  sales forecast.
  14. Integration with Google calendar, VoIP calls.
  15.  Sales report generation.
  16. Secure
  17.  Personalized customer interaction.
  18.  Meeting scheduling.
  19.  Instant Notification about scheduled tasks and activities.
  20.   Integration  with other modules like invoicing, accounting, website, e commerce etc.
  21.  Time saving

Odoo14 CRM offers a comprehensive customer management solution to customers. Febno Technologies, Odoo  partner offers you a CRM software solution that can be of great help to the business. 


Always a good Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software enables you to be in a good relationship with your customers. A  CRM helps in promoting  relationships with existing clients and helps in finding new potential customers. Satisfying  a consumer and making an ever-lasting relationship will definitely  get word-of-mouth publicity which will take your business to the next level. In addition, CRM is an excellent application for sales and management also. As a result, it gives them an organized view about the activities of the sales and marketing teams. With the data from CRM ,they can easily analyse their sales based on different aspects and come up with modern strategies to boost sales. Simply, Odoo CRM is one of the best web based CRM available in the market with unique highlights & odoo crm benefits.