E-commerce operations made simpler with Odoo 14

Odoo’s e-commerce module is adept at creating e-commerce websites and stores effectively. It offers a large space to sell products online.  The current scenario compelled the customers to choose online shopping for a better customer experience. E-stores became simple and manageable with the implementation of Odoo ERP.

Entrepreneurs focus on how to increase sales and generate revenue. Odoo’s mobile-friendly modern open-source online stores provide stunning product pages with effective layouts and coloring options. Febno Technologies with the help of Odoo offers impressive online stores and beautiful websites. Our talented Odoo experts from Febno Technologies, solve all your business requirements and implement the Odoo e-commerce platform for better performance.

Let us have a look at the features of the Odoo E-commerce module.

  1. Beautiful product pages

You can create high-quality beautiful product pages and attract customers. Odoo’s unique edit inline tool assists in creating stunning features. The product pages can be enhanced by a drag and drop feature and fully customizable building blocks. You can easily customize themes, layouts, colors, etc., and enrich your product pages at regular intervals to provide a better customer experience. You can even manage multiple stores with unique designs and styles.

  1. E-commerce dashboard

The e-commerce dashboard helps the entrepreneurs to get accurate quantitative reports on the e-commerce operations in graphs. The reports can be generated using the customized parameters. You can even analyze the performances by enabling google analytics in your Odoo platform.

  1. Product Management

The Odoo e-commerce module helps entrepreneurs to manage online stores and highlight their products in different variants like size, colors, style, prize, etc. It is also easy to display available products and remove out-of-stock products. Orders can be viewed and tracked from the orders menu. The details of each product can be easily edited and customized. Customers can download invoices, order details, and track shipping details in a single window.

  1. Integration

Easy integration with other Odoo apps such as inventory, shipping, and marketplace are the highlight of the Odoo ERP solution. As an integrated e-commerce platform, sales and inventory of a store can be easily manageable. Its integration with inventory data helps to remove out-of-stock products from the online stores easily. Your products can be integrated on eBay and Amazon and open new marketplaces.

  1. Payment Methods

Odoo’s fully integrated payment methods allow customers to pay through PayPal, Stripe, Credit/Debit cards, Adyen, Buckaroo, etc. It gives freedom to the customers to select the payment method they want. The payment gateway integrations boost the sales and become customer-friendly.

  1. Shipping Methods

The shipping methods such as FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS, and other shipping carriers are related to the Odoo e-commerce platform. Thus, the shipping process becomes easy and products reach the customers on time.

  1. Customer Dashboard

Odoo’s e-commerce database helps to manage a strong customer database. Customer shopping list, wish list, customers’ browsing history are maintained to improve sales. This customer database is used to enhance the marketing techniques and to make necessary changes in the websites and e-commerce platforms. It is easy to find the best product in terms of quantity sold and the best customer in terms of revenue.

For the success of any e-commerce business strategic planning and selection of the right ERP solution is necessary. Odoo offers all the aspects in their e-commerce module such as stunning product pages, seamless integration, convenient payment method, etc. to take the business to the next level. While building new online businesses, it is necessary to implement the Odoo ERP solution effectively. Febno Technologies aims to simplify the implementation process of the Odoo e-commerce module and also provides training for the employees to enhance their skills. The team of Odoo experts from Febno Technologies solves all your business queries and helps to improve your business. Travel with Febno and be a part of digital transformation.