Convert Leads to Opportunities with Odoo’s CRM Module

Odoo Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module is exclusively designed to manage the existing customers efficiently. It allows every business to organize the pipeline, acquire leads, assign, and track leads, analyze performance, and optimize day-to-day work. CRM tools help to analyze and focus on customer needs and supply the products based on the requirements. Odoo’s CRM module aids to manage sales, purchases, manufacturing, accounting, and supply of products. It allows staff to check and control the supplier and customer relationships productively. Odoo 14 CRM module is perfect for lead management, Contact Management, sales management, and interactive reports

The success of any ERP solution lies in the proper implementation and service. Febno Technologies is a leading Odoo ERP solution provider in the Middle East and India. A talented team of Odoo experts from Febno Technologies will implement Odoo ERP solutions based on business requirements. They assess and analyze your business and suggest expert solutions to grow your business. Let us have look at the noteworthy features of the Odoo CRM Module.

  1. Lead Management

Lead management plays a vital role in any business. In Odoo’s CRM module, it is easy to track the leads as well as it helps to convert the leads to opportunities. The first step of CRM is customer inquiries about products/goods of the company; the second step is to transform the leads to customers. For any business, lead generation and management play a crucial role. By answering customer inquiries through email, messages, phone calls, etc., CRM module helps to convert leads to opportunities. When an opportunity is created, the respective salesperson can handle the task to convert them as customers. When the customer accepts the quotation, then it is easy to create a sales order and invoice against it.

  1. Sell faster

Sale is an essential part of any business. Odoo 14 helps to simplify the sales operations of a company with advanced tools and its modern user interface. The modern user interface is specifically designed to handle sales operations smoothly. The dashboard provides a better overview of the sales activities. It reduces data entry operations and leads are automatically created from emails, VoIP calls, etc.. Quotes could be sent in just a few clicks, and easy to manage pipeline with drag & drop options. Odoo’s mobile user interface helps to sell products faster from anywhere. The optimized large screen view is the other advantage of Odoo CRM 14.

  1. Opportunity Management

According to the opportunities sequence of activities are organized. You can log, track, and analyze the operations of your team. Pipeline management is important in CRM management. It is easy to get a clear overview of the opportunity pipeline and one can work faster with the drag & drop interface. You can customize each stage of operation, schedule meetings, plan next actions, log calls, get all information right into the opportunity.

  1. Contact Management and efficient communication

Odoo 14 contact management helps the user to track the contact details transactions and interactions easily with the help of Odoo contacts. You can get a clear address book shared amongst salespersons with multiple addresses and contacts for a single company. Email communications are automatically attached to the right opportunity. You can customize alerts based on relevant activities.

  1. Integration

Odoo is an all-in-one platform and easy to integrate with sales, inventory, google docs., marketing, and e-commerce apps. This integration boosts marketing and helps to build a bonding between customer and supplier (business).

The Odoo CRM module helps business to convert the lead to opportunities and its advanced tools provide a clear view of transactions and helps in developing a loyal relationship with the customers. Febno Technologies, one of the leading Odoo ERP solution providers, aids you to implement this smart solution for your business and upgrades your business to the next level. Travel with Febno and be a part of digital transformation.