Automate your inventory with Odoo’s Inventory Management Module

Odoo 14 has come with a new feature Inventory Management under POS (Point of Sale) module. It offers hurdle free inventory management system, It helps to understand how a stock is being taken and benefits the efficiency of inventory management. Odoo ERP inventory management eases the activities of managing and tracking the stock level. The advanced features like double-entry inventory with no stock input, total traceability on products, Drop-shipping, Freight Carrier Integration, Consignee stock management, Cross-docking, multiple variant support, Up and Down traceability, more effective barcode support etc. automate the inventory operations. 

Febno technologies implements Odoo POS inventory management module effectively and guides the customers on how to benefit from it fully. With a team of Odoo experts, Febno technologies offers the full execution of Odoo ERP at your doorstep. Our experienced technical experts analyze the business needs and assist your business to grow. We have listed here the key features of the Odoo inventory management module. 

  1. Coordinates and controls Inventory 

Odoo ERP Inventory management solution eases the enormous task of material coordination and control. It integrates purchase, sales, product shipping, damaged products, shelf placing, etc. and automates the entire process of inventory and one can easily track the product details with a single click. 

  1. Automates operations and increase efficiency 

Every inventory operation is automatically drafted according to the movements of products. Using barcode scanners for each stock move, inventories, incoming or outgoing shipments, packing orders, etc. could be easily updated. It not only increases efficiency but also reduces the workforce and helps to decrease the financial burden of a company. 

  1. Forecast Stock 

Stock moves could be easily forecasted with the implementation of the POS Inventory management module. In Odoo’s double-entry inventory system, one could trace every stock move and predict the stock status in advance. Excess products can be identified easily and can avoid increased use of warehouse and product maintenance.  

  1. Serial Numbers and Mass Assignation 

In Inventory and sales, serial numbers and lots are used to trace the product. In Odoo ERP software, fast error-free serial numbers are created and mass assignation is done with ease. Lots Tracking, Serial Numbers, and Perpetual valuation features support easy traceability of the product. 

  1. 5. Receipt Management 

Receipt management feature assists in creating and storing the warehouse details, address of the company, scheduled date of delivery. It helps in customizing receipts or bill contents and manages product name, quantity, and details of order issuer. With the help of the Odoo ERP platform, every detail is get auto updated with minimum manual effort.  

  1.    Detailed Reports 

Detailed reports on inventory forecast, customer transaction drill down reports, perpetual inventory valuation reports etc. could be easily accessible with the help of the Odoo ERP implementation. No need to waste time on preparing reports, accurate reports are generated with a single click. 

After the successful implementation of the Odoo POS inventory management module, one can efficiently manage the inventory and internal operations, reduce workforce, increase efficiency and automate inventory operations.   Febno Technologies implements the Odoo inventory module successfully and assists your business to grow. Our experts will solve all your doubts regarding implementation and suggest the best feasible way to develop your organization. Travel with Febno and be a part of digital transformation.