Febno hosted an insightful workshop on Mastering AI and Digital Transformation at Flora Creek Hotel, Dubai.

A one-day workshop on “Certified IT Strategist: Mastering AI & Digital Transformation” in association with Febno Technologies was conducted at Flora Creek Deluxe Hotel, Dubai, UAE. The workshop is designed for IT managers and professionals, equipping them with the latest skills and knowledge required in the digital era.

The workshop provided insights into the latest trends and technologies in artificial intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT. The range of topics discussed in the workshop includes AI and ChatGPT- the new future, ethical AI, AI against hackers, AI-led personalization, data monetization, enterprise adoption of AI, the augmented workforce, the rise of AIOps, digital transformation for IT managers and digital transformation strategy.

The discussions also went on how organizations can utilize AI and ChatGPT to enhance their productivity and efficiency. It discussed the best practices for using cutting-edge technology in delivering solutions to customers quickly.

The session on AI and ChatGPT was led by Mohamed K Ashraf, a tech expert and startup mentor for emerging technologies. With over three decades of industry experience, he offers a wealth of insights and knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain. He also holds a consultancy portfolio that includes Fortune 100 companies in the USA and Europe.

The session on digital transformation was led by Muneer VV, assistant director, digital solutions, National Bond. Participants were awarded a Certificate of Participation, recognizing their commitment to take part in the workshop.