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Qsmart – Queue Management System streamlines the customer flow offering a convenient and safe customer experience. Based on the business requirements, Febno Technologies offers a customized queue management system to enhance efficiency and boost business growth. The Qsmart- Queue management system is highly beneficial for banks, hospitals, govt offices, or crowded offices to offer a personalized customer experience to their customers. Customers are notified by various methods such as SMS, mobile app, audio announcements, etc. Immediate actions could be taken based on urgent queuing or customer concerns. Febno offers a customized Qsmart- Queue management system, where all the requirements of the businesses are deeply analyzed to provide a customer-friendly working environment.

Enter the queue via Dgital Display or Voice or SMS

Displaying the ticket number or by sending an SMS

Tablet and mobile based applications

Tablet solution with virtial tickets

Managed your crowd better

Extend personalized attention


Manage and optimize queues, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction

The Qsmart- Queue management system by Febno Technologies is fully customizable based on the needs of customers. Such management systems will streamline walk-ins, appointments, ensure safe distancing, reduce customer waiting time and improve customer service.

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