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Change Management

Change management is the strategic approach to the people side of change in an organization. Also known as user adoption and often associated with product adoption (in our case, with G Suite), change management delivers significantly higher project ROI. In fact, change management is strongly correlated with overall project success, and in particular with meeting project objectives, staying on schedule and staying on budget. Febno specializes in providing change management as a service to our customers, with customized readiness assessments and preparation, communication and training plans


A tool is as only as good as the skills that are applied to it. Febno provides that sticky factor that will empower your end users to feel strong and effective in their new way of working. We offer training and as part of the migration and deployment for organizations moving from legacy productivity software to G Suite. We also offer training to those organizations that need an extra bump in user engagement, and can design a flexible, customizable solution designed to help your organization maximize ROI.
Febno trainers deliver on-site and remote training programs in one or many different languages to companies of all sizes. On-site, webinar and video content is also available for administrators and G Suite end users


Onsite Training

Onsite Training will be a workshop Training; Train Your employees on GSuite to Transform the way they work


Online Training

Online Training will be a Webinar; Join us to know more on Google Updates and to learn more on G Suite.

Empower your employees to Transform their work

Productivity Training


G Suite can fuel productivity when employees know how to use the tools effectively. This Service Offering is focused on helping employees to jumpstart their G Suite experience and start working faster, more collaboratively, immediately.

The Training



Hangout, Drive, Docs will be discussed in detail. Information Rights Management. Online/ Offline usage of Google Docs



Gmail, Google Hangout, Google Docs, will be discussed in detail. Real time messaging and video conferencing. Managing Group Communication. Suggestions,Commenting collaboratively



2 step Authentication, Managing Login session. Use Google security features.

The Benefit


See increased productivity by Introducing employees to features and practices that will save minutes - if not hours - off their daily work.


Show employees’ how ability to collaborate with G Suite to improve work quality, speed, innovation & employee satisfaction.


Demonstrate best practices for working with G Suite to reduce travel and other administrative expenses.

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