Techspence Private Limited

Techspence Private Limited (TPL) is an Indian Private Limited Company officially established in India on 30 May 2017. It holds the classification of a non-government company and is enlisted with the registrar of companies. Its operations encompass a broad spectrum of miscellaneous business activities.

Holborn Assets

Holborn Assets is the fastest-growing international financial services company associated with the industry’s prime institutions,


Asian Markets is a chain of hypermarkets in Riyadh with over 3 branches. They serve their customers with high-quality and branded products. They sell locally produced or imported household items, candies, cleaning products, beverages, spices, organic products, and much more.

HJM Tech

HJM Tech is a technology-based trucks aggregator aiming to provide operational excellence in the field of road logistics. With the HJM Carrier application, Drivers and Truck owners can accept trips, manage their fleet, and a lot more.

Broast Al Tazaj

Broast Al Tazaj is a fast-food chain serving fried chicken with over 9 branches. They serve their customers with Delicious Fried Chickens, Burgers, Kebabs, and more.

London Cafe

London cafe is a chain coffee shop in Saudi Arabia, with over 20 branches. They are popular for their Specialized Coffee and Pastries. They are located in all major cities of Saudi Arabia and are now adding more branches to hit a target of 50 drive-through outlets soon.


A Multi Branch Food Distribution Company.. They have a robust distribution and delivery network.


My Desert Springs Pure Drinking Water, also known as MDS, is one of the oldest companies in Dubai In the industry of water purification, filling and distribution of 5 gallon water bottles.


Al Ittihad National Private School is one of the most prestigious schools in Al Ain. The school is located in Al Ain, Falaj Hazaa. It is comprised of two major buildings, accommodating students in 56 classrooms between the kindergarten section and grade 12.

Al Mihad

Al Mihad Training Centre is a division of Al Mihad Education Group which was established in 1997 in Dubai. It has been striving to offer quality education, training programmes, and better student support services associating with the reputed Universities and educational bodies from India, UK, and the USA.