ODOO ERP Integration with Planet Tax Free System


Cartoon Fashion Group, a renowned retail fashion brand with more than 18 retail outlets around the United Arab Emirates, has been utilizing Odoo 10 ERP for the past five years to manage their operations efficiently. With a growing number of international customers and tourists shopping in their retail stores, the need arose to seamlessly integrate their ERP system with the Planet Tax Free system to offer tax refunds to their tourist clientele.

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Cartoon Fashion Group faced the challenge of efficiently processing tax refunds for tourist customers. The existing Odoo 10 ERP system didn’t have native support for interfacing with the Planet Tax Free system, which was a critical component for facilitating smooth tax refund operations. They required a customized solution to connect these two systems seamlessly.


Febno, a trusted technology solutions provider who was providing the ODOO ERP implementation and customisation support for Cartoon Fashion Group, was engaged to tailor a solution that would bridge the gap between Cartoon Fashion Group’s Odoo 10 ERP and the Planet Tax Free system. The following steps were taken:

  1. Requirement Analysis: Febno conducted an in-depth analysis of Cartoon Fashion Group’s existing Odoo 10 setup and their tax refund procedures.
  2. Customization and Integration: A custom module was developed to enable the Odoo 10 ERP system to communicate with the Planet Tax Free system. This module allowed for the automated exchange of data required for processing tax refunds for tourist customers.
  3. Created a new additional window, which helps to fetch the customer passport details automatically by scanning or by manually entering the details.
  4. APIs were created for the smooth connection with the Planet Tax Free system.
  5. Also provided an option to cancel the Tax refund request within a time frame of 90 days
  6. Testing: Rigorous tests were conducted by our development team to ensure that the integration functioned smoothly and accurately. Passports from different countries around the world were creating some challenges during the automatic scanning process.
  7. Deployment: After successful testing, the integration solution was deployed to Cartoon Fashion Group’s retail stores.


The customization and integration provided by Febno yielded significant benefits for Cartoon Fashion Group:
Efficiency: The integrated system streamlined the tax refund process, reducing manual errors and improving overall efficiency.
Customer Satisfaction: Tourist customers could now easily claim their tax refunds, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing customer satisfaction.
Cost Savings: The automation of tax refund processing reduced operational costs and increased cost-effectiveness.
Real-time Data: The integrated system allowed for real-time data exchange between Odoo and Planet Tax Free, providing accurate and up-to-date information.


The successful integration of Cartoon Fashion Group’s Odoo 10 ERP system with the Planet Tax Free system by Febno enabled the retail brand to offer a seamless tax refund experience to their international customers. The project resulted in increased operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings. Cartoon Fashion Group now has a robust and future-ready system to cater to its expanding international clientele.
This case study showcases how technology solutions can be tailored to meet specific business needs and drive positive outcomes.