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Powerful. Flexible. Integrated.

Our Features

  1. Autoresponders (Triggered Emails)

    Send welcome emails, drip campaigns and happy birthday messages with our powerful triggered email tool.

  2. Social Sharing

    Email is social too. Automatically tweet your campaigns and enable your subscribers to share your content across social media sites.

  1. Inbox Analysis

    Test your campaigns against multiple email clients and spam filters.

  2. Multivariate Testing

    Advanced AB Split Testing for comparing up to 26 campaign versions and automatically send the winner.

  1. Advanced Reporting

    You'll never pay for extra reporting. We give you all the data you need to measure the success of your campaign.

  2. Deliverability

    Every email marketer understands the importance of email deliverability. We make it our top priority to get your email marketing into the inbox.

  1. Google Analytics Integration

    Track conversions and revenue from each campaign inside your email marketing reports and on your Google dashboard.

  2. Message Quality Score™

    A free spam check that scans your html and copy and provides you with the likelihood of triggering a spam filter.

  1. Enterprise Edition

    Manage business units with separate sub-accounts - create users, set permissions, and see reports from one Master Account.

  2. Recurring Sender

    A jewel for daily content publishers. Using our URL grabber, we pull your content at a set time each day and send to your subscribers.

  1. EasyCast

    Create, send and track email marketing using your own email client. You still get all the great reporting of our web-based interface.

  2. Create and Send

    Create and send email newsletters to your subscriber lists with ease, speed and creativity.

  1. List Segmentation

    Personalize with custom content, offers and promotions: automatically and dynamically.

  2. List Management

    We manage all your lists automatically. You'll never have to worry about unsubscribes, bounces or subscriptions.

  1. Multiple Users

    Every Email Marketing account has three logins at no charge. Add more and provide each user with a different set of permissions.

  2. White Label

    Start building revenue by offering your own email marketing software. White labeling puts our brand in the background and yours in the forefront.

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