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In the hyper-connected business landscape that exists today, the volume and variety of data managed by enterprises continues to rise exponentially. Even as organizations look to effectively integrate emerging sources of information, such as the web, social networks, the cloud, and connected equipment, they cannot afford to ‘warehouse’ all the data as is the case with the traditional decision support systems. Such an approach hinders real-time access to operational data, resulting in information latency as well as a longer implementation cycle with regard to data analytics and business intelligence. Storing and replicating data across multiple databases also leads to higher costs. Consequently, enterprises struggle to effectively mine data from disparate sources to generate actionable insights.

Febnos’ Data Virtualization Services enable organizations to pool structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and integrate it in real-time. Regardless of where the data resides, Our services enable businesses to conveniently abstract, access and query data, thus facilitating agile decision-making. We also helps organizations to identify use cases, formulate reference architecture and adoption model, and create proofs of concept to demonstrate feasibility of business use cases.

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