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Friendlier user Interface, and speed compared to paid applications for Restaurant Industry

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Thousands of restaurant around the world use software for inventory control, menu closing, and more ? In an industry with razor-thin profits, getting the best value from your inventory, tracking waste, and analyzing sales can help you recover lost profit enabling you to build an agile operation that responds quickly that responds quickly to consumer demands and price fluctuations. Febno's POSmart Restaurant software simplify and streamline how you run counter and back office, saving you countless labor hours spent with inventory management, adjusting menu pricing, and calculating the nutritional content of your menu items With over 7 years experience of creating software with input from restaurant operators everywhere, our sophisticated program meets the needs of restaurants of any size

Here's How


Inventory Control

Monitor usage , waste, and inventory on hand to keep costs under control. Use a mobile tablet to seamless physical inventory taking and receiving


Recipe & Menu Costing

Quickly create and cost out recipes, with adjustable percent food cost and portion sizing, keeping your menu profitable and dynamic. Use 'what If' food cost calculator to determine ideal price points and potential profitability for menu items


Tablet order taking

This restaurant tablet ordering system makes order management very much convenient. Take Away. Differentiate between the table and takeaway orders easily with Kitchen Interface mentioning the easily notable requirement at the top of the Orders received.


Delivery Tracking

Help to track delivery boys using GPS tracking system


Call Center Integration

We do call center integration with 800/600 Toll free numbers and the have a tremendous result for our existing customer


SMS Module

We do call center integration with 800/600 Toll free numbers and the have a tremendous result for our existing customer


Sales Analysis

Often times, the only difference between floating and drowning is the direction you're facing. Without restaurant financial analysis, a restaurant may be face down without even knowing it.

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